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Handmade in New York City, Nordea Soaperie is committed to taking the best of what nature has to offer, and putting it into a bar for your bathing pleasure!

Soapmaking is about using specific ingredients to create a unique, handcrafted product. It's about finding the perfect balance.

I consider myself a "soap artist" by using creative scent blends combined with beautiful soap design.

Most of the soaps are approx. 5oz and will last longer when stored in a well-draining soap dish.

Featured Product

ipad sleeves!

ipad sleeves are the perfect accessory to protect your ipad! They are meant to fit ipads with or w/out a hard cover/case.

Do you have an ipad mini? I can make a cover for those too! Select your design, and send me your request.

Make sure to visit my FB page to see all available designs for ipad sleeves .

You can come see them in person, check out my schedule of upcoming events for more information.

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